Responsive wedding website


Designed exclusively for fast load times on mobile devices

Built from scratch using HTML 5 boilerplate, Bootstrap, jQuery

Images hosted on Amazon S3

RSVP form connects to Amazon Lambda, executes mail server script

Google Analytics integrated

Google web fonts enabled

SSL cert created with Lets Encrypt



Angular app for DJ’s with projectors

A solution comprising of an Angular app, ExpressJS API web service, two Raspberry Pi’s, an open source music library app with its own XML web service, a projector and a screen

Used this at my wedding, it was hit.







One Raspberry Pi is connected to a projector and running the Angular app in a full screen browser. Its connecting via WiFi to another Raspberry Pi hosting a simple http server for the app. This other RPI is also hosting the music application (Volum.io) which publishes an XML RESTful API with current track information as well as an AngularJS app for the DJ to control the music and browse the library (stored on an USB drive on the RPI).

The Angular (4) app checks another API residing on the second RPI for the data to show a random photo of a wedding guest which is presented in a slider in the home component that rotates the current song information with a photo.

Source code here


Android and iOS Mobile “Hybrid” App built using Ionic 

Home screen

Home screen

Band members

Band members

website posts

Website posts (WordPress API)











I built this app from a starter project, modifying it to work with the bands WordPress website, Bandsintown.com API for instant display of upcoming shows, the Facebook Graph API is used to show a stream of their Facebook Page photos, and I added a chat section of the app that uses Firebase for a backend.


  • Ionic 1.7 (AngularJS 1.5, HTML5, Sass, Grunt, Cordova)
  • Firebase.io for storing configuration data and chat messages
  • Facebook GraphAPI
  • Bands In Town API
  • WordPress JSON API

Source code

An Amazon Alexa skill to showcase lyrics from 3 Minute Hero

Hosted on AWS Lambda, written in Javascript and using the NodeJS framework

Screenshot of Alexa Skill

Screenshot of Alexa Skill taken from Alexa app on Android











Github repo


WordPress Websites

All WordPress websites are self-hosted, running on Linux Debian w/Apache 2 and a separate mySQL server backend


  • Band website
  • Shopping cart plugin used to sell albums
  • Bands In Town widget
  • Automatic post publish to Facebook and Twitter
  • Updraft for remote backup
  • Jetpack plugin set for site management and promotional tools


  • Personal blog


  • Business website
  • Responsive template
  • Complete logo design


  • Band website
  • Complete graphic and layout design


  • Website for blogging about our gaming group