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First experience with Samsung Gear VR

Remember the first time you stepped into a planetarium? Dark and quiet, comfortable seats and what appeared to be an endless sky above you. Everywhere you turn your head is a different view and as you walk around the room

Good business analysts think like product managers

As is the case with many titles in the professional IT world, business analyst and product manager share many commonalities. The role of product manager requires sharp business analyst skills and business analysis branches into many of the same areas

Soul power: the importance of a project’s “soul”

By: Bryce Blilie In the consulting world, you are often brought on to a project where the vision and goal have already been determined and masterminded. The client brings on development resources to execute the vision and project management resources

3 Lessons in Project Management from Kahn

By: Bryce Blilie In the Star Trek universe, Khan Noonien Singh (or simply, Khan), was one of several genetically engineered human “Augments” of the late-20th century Eugenics Wars on Earth (1990’s), and considered over three centuries later to have been