What is BlueMagma?

BlueMagma is a web and mobile design and development firm providing development and consulting services for web and mobile app solutions. Founded by Bryce Blilie in 1998 and based in Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota, we have years of experience in the full application development lifecycle, from ideation and planning to production delivery and maintenance of mobile and web applications for business and personal entertainment.

We provide solutions for web and mobile.

  • Web, Android and iOS application development (coding, database design, UI/UX)
  • Functional and integration end-to-end quality assurance testing
  • Agile scrum project management
  • Business requirements analysis and product definition
  • Website and app publishing and monitoring

Tenacity and experience.

We believe nothing worth doing is easy, and have implemented this philosophy in every project and organization we’ve contributed to. A few examples include;

  • Business Analyst for a datacenter migration full of legacy applications
  • Agile Project Manager for a bespoke collegiate prospect and student unique ID generation and tracking application
  • Team member of a small e-commerce company acquired by SAP
  • Web development for an adversing agency and various small businesses
  • Product management of an international, multi-currency, multi-lingual e-commerce platform developed in St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada
  • Disaster recovery datacenter server administration for Ameriprise Financial
  • Citrix server builder for Target implementing Citrix’s first ever “site license”
  • E-Commerce consultant at SAP

When you bring us onto your project, you’re not just getting another developer or tester – you’re getting a wealth of experience and IT industry knowledge with management skills and business acumen.

Tell us how we can help with your idea or project